Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things i always wanted to tell u...

" I am who I am.
 I like what I like.
 I love who I love.
 I do what I want.
 Get off my back and deal with it.
 It is my life, not yours.
 Get your own"

 u say dis to one or to everyone
 if ill think bout my own
u will b d one left alone
no one is on ur back go check d mirror
u on her back she is not true to u
bitching bout u to everyone
whether to trust her or not is upto u
u think dey r frnds wid u but ya to b true
dey d best actors in front of u
count ur frnds n ur enimies i know u cant
i know u r u but nt d u, u used to
u dont hv frnds but jst enimies
everyone cant b wrong so gues who is wrong obvi u
u need to change ur atitude n ego
u r nothing but jst a bitch n whore
u jst can flaunt ur atitude n go away frm everyone
bye bitch i set u free ...

    " It's okay if You want to be like Me.
     If I was You, I would want to be Me too!! "

i dont wanna b u
i jst dont wanna lose u
i always wanted u to like me too
u r jst all bout urself neva care to look behind u
u jst think of me when u r alone or in need
u like appriciation tell me 1 day i dint apriciated u 
do u even care to say it to my face u looking gud tode
or i like ur hair or top or anything 
i wana b noticed by u n nt because of u
m nt jealous of u like u said 
i dont wana b u
i hv more frnds dan u
true frnds who dont bitch bout me like urs do
i love them nt like u n will always b thr 4 them dat u neva did
u r jst fooling urself 
i thought i can bcome a bttr person if ill b wid u i was rite somewhere
but no more u ur nt betr dan me 
m betr dan u n i can prove it to u 
til now wt ever u hv got is jst by luck or by chance 
learn to earn things, respect frnds n love
u hv taken too many things 4 granted trust me m nt him
i dont like being wid u any more u make feel sad.
 i dont hv a choice of my own
i dont liked to b ordrd 
like u i hv a life too
n i dont want u to b in it 
i wanna b free 
so let me be... 

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